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Featured deals

Brand: Master
Type: B 150 CED
Year of manuf..: 2006/2007
Netto price: 900 PLN €214
Brand: Iteco
Type: IT 12151
Year of manuf..: 2008
Netto price: 30500 PLN €7261
Brand: Genie
Type: GS 2646
Year of manuf..: 2000
Netto price: 13500 PLN €3214
Brand: Ammann
Type: APR 5920
Year of manuf..: 2014
Netto price: 12500 PLN €2976


We are a company from Poland, which is specialized in selling of different types of access platforms.

To be one of the largest Poland providers of used access platforms. To provide a constant and up-to-date stock of between 100 and 200 machines, at the best possible price/quality ratio.
To provide the best service in the field of technical and formal support. To maintain and expand long-term sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers.